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DinoSol World is a collection of 1777 uniquely hand-drawn NFTs. They are programmatically generated with over 150 different traits. This makes even a common DinoSol special. Owning a DinoSol grants access to our exclusive community, giveaways, and a variety of useful utilities.



Our team will be working on getting the project into a variety of different marketplaces.

Rarity Tools

We will be releasing a rarity tool to better aid the community in ranking the traits. The tool will be available on our official website the week of public minting.


Without our community, Dinosol World would be nothing. Each and every holder keeps the community thriving and well. To show our thanks we will have numerous holder-only giveaways!


Shortly after uploading our rarity tool, we will be airdropping to all current holders. We love our community!

Free Merch

That’s right, you read it right! All holders will have the ability to claim free DinoSol World merchandise as a special thanks for trusting us! What a time to be a Holder!

Staking System

Who likes passive income? I know I do! Every DinoSol holder will have the ability to earn passive income just from being an owner! Holders will be able to stake their DinoSols and earn a percentage of every sale on the secondary market. More details will be included in our more extended roadmap.

Extended Roadmap

Since the community is very important to us we will do everything to protect it (while at the same time keeping everyone happy!) After the drop, we have a comprehensive roadmap where we explain our long-term plans and goals for the project!


Frequently Asked Questions

0.17 SOL

Please install Phantom Wallet and fund your account with SOL. Some common exchanges are Coinbase and FTX. On the drop date, connect your wallet to our site and select the “mint” button when the sale goes live.

You can view your cute DinoSol World NFT by going onto your phantom wallet and going under the “Your Collectibles” tab.

We will develop our own rarity tool for everyone to use directly on our website for quick and easy access.

Of course. We will be working around the clock after the launch to list DinoSol World on as many marketplaces as possible.


There will be a limited supply of 1777 DINOSOL's